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I have had the privilege of photographing so many sweet newborns lately :) I have been photographing little Addison's mom and dad, Ashley and Kameron, through their milestone moments the last few years and I have loved watching this sweet family grow. From engagement, to wedding, to 1 year, maternity and finally miss Addison. If you read through the whole post I've included some of those moments at the end! Including Addison's story from announcement through 2 weeks in photos!

Addison-colors IMG_0654 IMG_0649 IMG_0682 IMG_0647 IMG_0670 IMG_0639 IMG_0295 IMG_0461 IMG_0322 IMG_0244 IMG_0571 IMG_0371 IMG_0348 IMG_0515 IMG_0236 IMG_0585 IMG_0512 IMG_0255 IMG_0609 IMG_0454 IMG_0426 IMG_0611

Alright, time for a walk down memory lane, starting with Ashley and Kameron's engagement and ending with maternity photos with sweet Addison! I'm so thankful to have grown in my photography while this family grew in size and love.

IMG_2933 IMG_2891 IMG_3111 IMG_7619 IMG_8208 IMG_9899 IMG_8027 IMG_9186 IMG_9531 IMG_9262 announcment-for-web _MG_1622 IMG_7991 IMG_7898

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When to Choose Black and White


When to Choose Black and White


Every choice you make should serve a purpose.

This includes every choice in photography.

Where you place your subject, what direction your light is coming from, and what angle you are photographing from are all decisions that make up your photo. After the photograph is captured comes another set of decisions, editing. The largest of which is whether to keep it in color or turn it to black and white.  I have two rules when changing photographs to black and white.

1) Does it showcase the story or mood in a way color would not?

darylyn and mom

When changing a photo to black and white you are taking away the distraction of color. This allows the viewer to focus more closely on the subjects of the photo and what is happening in the frame. It forces us to examine the story rather than the color palette. Black and white photographs simplify and highlight emotions.

Here are some examples where Black and White told the story of the frame more clearly then color would.



In this photo the black and white highlights the tear running down her cheek and forces the viewers attention to the powerful emotion on their faces.



Even though the tress lining this walkway are lush and green I felt they were what you noticed first instead of the grooms face when he saw his bride for the first time.



I'm a sucker for converting photos of elderly people to black and white. It makes all the wrinkles, smile lines and wise eyes come to life.



This moment had a tricky set up, the bride and groom were praying before together before the ceremony, but the church was pretty small so we had to make do with the spot we got. I was clicking away, knowing what a nightmare color correcting these in editing as going to be and thats when I saw her bridesmaids. This shot is in black and white for two reasons: 1) It focuses on the bridesmaids, which is where the emotional impact is in this photo, and not the brides flowers and 2) there was no helping all those different light sources, when you have 3 or more light sources it is okay to convert to black and white for sake of saving your photo. In this one we had the flash being bounced off the ceiling (neutral), The florescent lights in the bridal room (blue) and the tungsten lights where the bridesmaids were standing (orange).

2) Does it emphasize pattern or strong forms and shapes in the photo? 


Strong visual patterns can make a photograph. Black and white emphasizes them. Leading lines are another thing that can be emphasized by black and white conversion. As you can see in the photograph above if you follow the strong black lines  of the ceiling it leads directly to the bride and groom. Black and white shows forms and patterns without the distraction of color and outside noise. It makes it easier for the viewer to latch on to what you are wanting them to see. Patterns and strong visual forms can be a nice break when flipping through wedding photos from the usual soft and romantic photographs. Check out some more examples here!



Converting this photo to black and white showed the repetition of circles in this photo, the two rings, the end of the cork and wood all make up for a nice solid forms.



There are so many leading lines in this photo! The logs on the left, the hinges on the hutch on the right and the beam on the ceiling all point towards the mirror which is where the emotional impact of this photograph is. By turning it to black and white the viewer can more easily follow these lines.

IMG_0542 IMG_0542_1

One of my favorite black and white conversions of all time. By converting the bride and groom seem to pop off the page, the beautiful lines and patterns in the wood stand out even more and the photo comes to life.

Thanks for reading friends! Wishing you all the best in your photographic adventures! Get out there and shoot!


Emily Jean Images


*Please note: all color photos are straight out of camera and unedited*


Stephanie + Eddie


Stephanie + Eddie


Stephanie and Eddie had one of the cheeriest color palettes I have ever seen! Bright turquoise and sunny yellow were to be found everywhere. These colors were a reflection of the joy that was to come throughout the day! Amid many friends and family these two love bugs announced their love for each other and made a commitment to love each other the rest of their days. I had the pleasure of taking their engagement photos a while back and the thing I remember noticing from my first interaction with them was that, not only were they madly in love, but they were best friends. I feel so honored to have photographed the beginning of this new chapter in their love and friendship!

1 IMG_9795 IMG_9815 2 IMG_9820 Untitled IMG_9989 IMG_9998 IMG_0025 IMG_0044IMG_0675IMG_0687IMG_066917IMG_0128 IMG_0083 IMG_9963 IMG_0165 9 IMG_0188 IMG_0170 IMG_0174 IMG_0205 IMG_0216 IMG_0223 IMG_0226IMG_0976IMG_1020IMG_0828IMG_0380IMG_042512IMG_0414IMG_0558IMG_0507IMG_0334IMG_111013IMG_1186IMG_1180IMG_120114IMG_124816IMG_1295IMG_1304IMG_1308IMG_1302IMG_1296IMG_1436IMG_1540IMG_1545IMG_1555IMG_1562IMG_1570IMG_1575IMG_15208IMG_1638IMG_0368 copyIMG_1649IMG_1734IMG_1786IMG_0357IMG_1719 copy15IMG_1687IMG_175810IMG_1805IMG_063411IMG_0615IMG_1832IMG_1911IMG_1905IMG_2031IMG_1896IMG_2086IMG_2071IMG_2064IMG_1989IMG_2144IMG_1970IMG_2078IMG_1930IMG_2132IMG_21927IMG_2218IMG_2254IMG_2250IMG_2245IMG_2278IMG_2309IMG_2647IMG_2665IMG_26903IMG_2726IMG_2400IMG_2328IMG_2739IMG_2474IMG_2556IMG_23945IMG_2602IMG_2366IMG_24666IMG_2548IMG_2435Photography//Emily Jean Images

Assisted by// Maddie Charles

Make-up Artist// Kristin Noelle Cipponeri

Hair//Megan Countryman

Venue//The Golf Club at Brentwood


Eric and Morgan


Eric and Morgan


color schemeOh me oh my, I just adored Eric and Morgan's special day. The gorgeous color palette, enough flowers to make it seem like you had escaped into the secret garden and most importantly, a couple completely and totally in love. I knew when I did their engagement pictures a couple months ago that we were going to have a blast at their wedding. Their fun and kind personalities blended together and created an incredible day. This beautiful couple is going to live a long and happy life together, and I'm so glad I had the privilege of capturing the beginning of it! :)

IMG_8620 IMG_8634 IMG_8626 IMG_8602 1 IMG_8688 IMG_8710 IMG_8766 3 IMG_8833 UntitledIMG_8820 copy

4IMG_8944IMG_89635IMG_8961IMG_8968IMG_9024 IMG_9030 copy IMG_9162 IMG_9066 IMG_9236 IMG_9354 IMG_9378 IMG_9145 IMG_9396 6IMG_9419 copy IMG_9500 IMG_9485IMG_9809 IMG_9619 IMG_9723 IMG_9549 7 IMG_9681 IMG_9866 copy IMG_9584 IMG_9668IMG_0119IMG_99058IMG_9919 ref="">IMG_016811IMG_0227IMG_0243IMG_0302IMG_0277IMG_027410IMG_038312IMG_0409IMG_0719IMG_062215IMG_063417IMG_0702IMG_067514IMG_0710IMG_0432_copyIMG_0442IMG_0469IMG_058513IMG_0606IMG_0512IMG_05689IMG_078016IMG_0796IMG_0800IMG_0871IMG_0946IMG_0943IMG_0996IMG_081918IMG_084419IMG_0860IMG_1027IMG_1043IMG_1050IMG_1056IMG_1062IMG_1104IMG_1072IMG_1090IMG_1143 IMG_1188 20 IMG_1151 IMG_1204 IMG_1222 21 IMG_1360 IMG_1455 IMG_1459 IMG_1386 IMG_1446fixed exit IMG_1488



Galletto's Rehearsal Dinner

  lighter final

I had the pleasure of photographing the loveliest rehearsal dinner at Gallettos a couple weekends ago! Dotted with lovely artistic touches, soft romantic colors and lots of laughter it was a dreamy night. The ambient lighting cast from the string lights and good wine set the mood for these two wonderful families to celebrate the fact they were about to become one big family!

IMG_2414 IMG_2329 IMG_2370 IMG_2334 IMG_2833 IMG_2338 IMG_2325 IMG_2696 IMG_2498IMG_2455IMG_2474IMG_2596 IMG_2783 IMG_2541 IMG_2670 IMG_2687 IMG_2677 IMG_2728IMG_2524IMG_2876 IMG_2950 IMG_2926 IMG_2907 IMG_2957IMG_2962IMG_3036IMG_3025IMG_3067



Alyssa and Garrett


I have a little secret. I knew Garrett was going to propose before it happened.

Garrett had contacted me wanting me to take photos of the proposal, unfortunately I had other sessions already scheduled for the day so I was unable to make it. But, Garrett being the caring boyfriend, now fiance, that he is, we messaged back and forth for a little while he made sure that everything was going to be perfect for Alissa.

Since I've known Alyssa for quite a while now, not to mention they became boyfriend and girlfriend at a New Years party at my house, I knew I had to do something special with them for their engagement pictures.

We had an incredible day wandering around San Francisco and it was so fun for me to get to capture their love in every little moment of the day. I'm so excited to be photographing their upcoming wedding!


Untitled IMG_1511 copy IMG_1521 Untitled 1

IMG_1554 IMG_1569IMG_1590 2 IMG_1633 IMG_1698_1 IMG_1674 IMG_1709 3 4 IMG_1817 IMG_1853 IMG_1858IMG_1720 IMG_1742 IMG_1752 IMG_1762 copyIMG_18735IMG_1918IMG_1940 IMG_1931

IMG_19596IMG_2009IMG_1992IMG_1971IMG_2000 IMG_2178IMG_2124IMG_21568IMG_2215IMG_2207IMG_2163IMG_2170IMG_2195IMG_21039IMG_2221IMG_2231



Summer Sun

Sometimes, when the sunlight is golden, you have a gorgeous friend and summer is coming, a shoot is in order. I had a blast on this carefree session. I also met up with my photography friend Marilyn Diaz for the first time and discovered what a lovely person she is! _MG_6730_1

_MG_6832 _MG_6738_1 _MG_6751 _MG_6661 _MG_6823 _MG_6828 _MG_6661 _MG_6767 _MG_6817 _MG_6846


_MG_6899 copy _MG_6859_1 _MG_6889

Of course, since we are photographers, Marilyn and I took a few of each other as well!

_MG_6782 _MG_6945_1 _MG_6799 _MG_6776 _MG_6703 _MG_6917_1


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Caitie and Grant


Take two of the nicest people you know, add a spoonful of sugar, two puppies and a basket of strawberries and you might get something as sweet as Caitie and Grant. On a beautiful day in April these two began their life together. It was an elegant affair fitting for a lovely couple.

_MG_8903 _MG_8994 copy _MG_9056 _MG_9039 _MG_9041

7 8

_MG_9102 copy _MG_9180 _MG_9194 _MG_9483 _MG_9522 _MG_9632 10 _MG_9642 _MG_9695 _MG_9693 22

_MG_9265 _MG_9232 9 _MG_9344 _MG_9471 _MG_9440 Before the ceremony Caitie decided to do a first reveal with her dad as well as pray and exchange letters with her soon-to-be-husband!

_MG_9760 11 _MG_9784 _MG_9788 2 3 _MG_0243 _MG_0238 _MG_0270 Untitled _MG_0287


Then it was time for the ceremony! Every ceremony is special, but this one was a little extra special, Caitie and Grant were going to exchange their first kiss EVER after saying their "I Dos"! _MG_0600 _MG_0604 _MG_0607 _MG_0611 _MG_0614 _MG_0616 _MG_0619 _MG_0620 _MG_0623 _MG_0624 _MG_0633


_MG_0657 _MG_0663 _MG_0674 _MG_0689 _MG_0714 _MG_0754 3 _MG_0781 _MG_0806 _MG_0828 9 _MG_0840 _MG_0864 _MG_0867 _MG_1059 _MG_0534 _MG_0050 _MG_0020 _MG_9983 _MG_1081 _MG_1095 _MG_1129 _MG_1151 _MG_0363 _MG_0372 _MG_0391 _MG_0400 _MG_0432 _MG_0441 _MG_0453 _MG_0464 _MG_9818 _MG_9851 _MG_9863 _MG_9895 _MG_9911 _MG_9929 _MG_9935 _MG_9945 _MG_9965 Then it was time to take pictures of Caitie and Grant as husband and wife!

11 _MG_1189 _MG_1248


Untitled _MG_1225 _MG_1230 _MG_1259 1 _MG_1394 _MG_1384 copy _MG_1406


_MG_1431 _MG_1454 _MG_1444 Time for the wedding party to be announced back into the reception! _MG_1466 _MG_1475 _MG_1481 _MG_1484 _MG_1489 _MG_1494 _MG_1505 _MG_1524 _MG_1749 _MG_0543 _MG_0181 _MG_0171 _MG_09164

First up, toasts!

_MG_1672 _MG_1521 _MG_1733 _MG_1677 _MG_1707 _MG_1725 _MG_1751 _MG_1728 _MG_1796 14 _MG_1912 _MG_1860

5 Before it was time for the party to start, I stole the couple away for a few sunset photos!

_MG_1590 _MG_1546 12 _MG_1620 Then things really got rolling! After cake cutting and first dances everybody was swing dancing and enjoying themselves for the rest of the night! _MG_1946 _MG_1969 _MG_1977 13 16 _MG_1991 _MG_2002 _MG_2010 _MG_2110


6 _MG_2092 copy _MG_2113 _MG_2158 _MG_2373_MG_2319_MG_2297_MG_2253_MG_2241_MG_2279_MG_2336_MG_2288_MG_2389_MG_2391 copy_MG_2395_MG_2174

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Morgan and Eric


Morgan and Eric met running track at Chico State. So, it was only fitting that we did their engagement session there! Everything was green and lovely, the clouds were perfect, flowers were blooming and we had an amazing session. So excited for their special day on May 31st!

Untitled 2 _MG_5061 _MG_5014 Untitled 3 _MG_5042 _MG_5194 _MG_5174 Untitled 5 _MG_5244 _MG_5201 copy Untitled _MG_5237 _MG_5130 _MG_4891 Untitled 1

_MG_5579 _MG_5539 _MG_5691 Untitled 8 _MG_5443 _MG_5349 _MG_5279 Untitled 6 _MG_5264

_MG_5563 _MG_5492 _MG_5443 Untitled 4 _MG_5673 _MG_5515 Untitled 7


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Mr. and Mrs. Catto


I knew from the second that Kyle asked me during a phone conversation if I was comfortable hanging out of a gold cart while he sped by me on a dirt bike that this was going to be a one-of-a-kind wedding! On a sunny afternoon in March, surrounded by bright yellow and blue flowers, Kyle and Ashley became husband and wife. You could feel the love that not only they had for each other, but that all of their friends and family had for them as well. Using the airport hanger as their venue represented their unconventional and fun personalities! Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Catto for letting me be a part of your special day!

Ashley and Kyle got ready at one of the loveliest private residences I have ever seen. Tucked away in Jackson, California was this home with gardens, waterfalls and enough cute cottages to make you want to squeal.

Untitled 1 _MG_2375 _MG_2459 _MG_2489 _MG_2501 _MG_2645 _MG_2640 _MG_2325 _MG_2741 _MG_2333 _MG_2726 Untitled 24

Untitled 3 _MG_2892 _MG_2823 _MG_2870 _MG_2879 _MG_2877 _MG_2910

Before Ashley slipped into her dress I got to walk around the beautiful property and take photos of her sweet details

_MG_2304 copy Untitled 7 _MG_2290 _MG_2691 _MG_2561 Untitled 28 _MG_2763 _MG_2535 Untitled 2

Untitled 4 _MG_2950 _MG_2946

The second Ashley put her dress on she transformed into a stunning bride. She was ready for Kyle to see her. This was one of the most touching first reveals I have ever had the opportunity of being a part of!

_MG_2969 _MG_2976 Untitled 5 _MG_2988 _MG_3013 _MG_3003 _MG_2997 Untitled 6

Kyle even took the time to admire her shoes! You found a keeper Ashley!

K_MG_3042 _MG_3049 _MG_3019 _MG_3040 Untitled 8

Then it was time to take portraits before their walk down the aisle

_MG_3064 _MG_3071 copy _MG_3146 Untitled 10 _MG_3222 _MG_3069 _MG_3134 Untitled 9 _MG_3243 _MG_3252

Ashley rode over to the airpot in style while Kyle took his dirt bike!

Untitled 11 _MG_2810

We arrived at the hanger and cheery yellow balloons and airplanes greeted us

Untitled 29 _MG_4178 _MG_3331 _MG_3376 _MG_3358


Untitled 22 _MG_3460 _MG_3482 _MG_3462



_MG_3486 _MG_3491 Untitled 17 _MG_3508 _MG_3556 Untitled 16 _MG_3562 _MG_3631 _MG_3622 _MG_3637 _MG_3602 _MG_3660 _MG_3664 copy _MG_3672 _MG_3679 _MG_3685 copy

Ashley and Kyle's guests munched on dinner while we went out and took pictures

Untitled 13 _MG_4097 _MG_3358 _MG_3349 Untitled 14 _MG_4104 _MG_4111

We started with family pictures

Untitled 15

Then moved on to wedding party photos

_MG_3835 _MG_3881 _MG_3885 _MG_3870 _MG_3947 _MG_3960 _MG_3931 _MG_3954 _MG_3821 _MG_3901 _MG_3906

Then, Ashley and I piled into the golf cart and Kyle rode next to us on his dirt bike. We took a short drive and  some amazing photos of the newlyweds on the air strip

Untitled 25 _MG_3983 Untitled 27 _MG_4044 Untitled 26 _MG_4013 _MG_4001

This sweet couple was announced back in dancing and then it was time to party! Starting with toasts and cake-cutting!

_MG_4060 _MG_4072 _MG_4210 _MG_4229 _MG_4232 _MG_4288 _MG_4271 _MG_4250 _MG_4208 _MG_4485 _MG_4512 Untitled 21 _MG_4525

Kyle and Ashley decided to play the shoe game, which was totally adorable, the DJ would ask a question such as, "who's the best dancer?" and then Kyle and Ashley had to hold up the shoe for the person they thought best fit the answer. They were completely unanimous on some, but on others, the two saw things a little differently! After that was the bouquet and garter toss!

_MG_4119 _MG_4157 _MG_4169 _MG_4542 Untitled 18 _MG_4566 Untitled 19

Then everyone's favorite part, dancing!

_MG_4765 _MG_4307 _MG_4339 _MG_4343 copy Untitled 23 _MG_4353 _MG_4368 copy Untitled 20 _MG_4405 _MG_4417 _MG_4437 copyjpg _MG_4612 _MG_4721 _MG_4632

_MG_4473 _MG_4591

To wrap up the night we took some romantic sunset photos! _MG_4829 _MG_4805 _MG_4818 _MG_4791 _MG_4844

Congratulations Kyle and Ashley!




Manuel and Hannah

Mr. and Mrs. Yanez! A beautiful venue, perfectly cloudy weather, gorgeous detailing and, most importantly, a lovely and kind couple made this a wonderful wedding day! Soft pinks, pearls, stunning flower arrangements... Hannah and Manuel's day screamed Romance.
We started out the day in Vista Wine Ranch and Cellar's bridal suite to photograph Hannah getting pampered and we couldn't have asked for a better way to start!
Sweet smiles while texting Manuel
 Hannah took a break from getting ready to open her gifts from Manuel. And boy did he do well. Gentleman, when in doubt, always go with Tiffanys.
Time to finish getting ready to walk down the aisle!
Hannah decided to surprise her dad with a "first reveal" before she walked down the aisle!
Then it was time for us to head over to photograph the guys! From mimosas and hairspray to beer bottles and lots of cologne! The differences always make me smile :)
Hannah sent over a special note for Manuel to read before the ceremony
We walked into the church and were greeted by this adorable display! Cutest guestbook ever!
Hannah and Manuel were all tears and smiles while they talked to each other right before they became Mr. and Mrs
But they didn't have to wait long! Finally it was time
We grabbed a couple photos in the church before we headed back over to the venue to brave the chilly weather for group photos!
The guys kept their humor throughout their groomsmen pictures
The ladies looked stunning for their bridesmaids photos!
After all of the wedding party fun we took a walk around the venue and took pictures of the bride and groom!
Dancing is absolutely, hands-down, the best way to be announced into your reception.
As guests were munching on dinner I took the opportunity to capture all of the beautiful details! I also stole the rings away for a few shots
 Champagne was poured and it was time for toasts. There were so many sweet, funny and heart-warming moments I couldn't even fit them all in this post!
Time for events! Cake cutting, first dance, mother-son, father-daughter, bouquet and garter toss, the whole nine-yards!
Last, but certainly not least, it was time to party! With a great DJ and a fun group this crowd was ready to dance the night away
Congratulations Manuel and Hannah!!



Megan and Jason- love-bug session

Yup, they're adorable.
Megan and I became friends when we had an art class together a few years ago. We kept on ending up in classes together every semester after that and both went through our photography degree requirements together! From long days in the dark room, to rolling chair races in the computer lab the two of us became friends :) I am so happy I met this sweet, quirky and totally-in-love couple! I had so much fun photographing these two lovebirds!



Caitie and Grant- Engagement Session

Yippee!! I am so happy for my sweet friend's Caitie and Grant! These two lovebirds are starting their life together this April! Rain clouds and and chilly whether couldn't stop us from having a wonderful session together! You'll be seeing more of these two very soon :)



Holiday Photos: Part 1

I got to see SO many smiling face this last holiday season that I couldn't just chose a few to post! So, I didn't! I'm so thankful for every one of these families that stepped in front of my camera and let me capture a little bit of their lives!



Matt, Bree and Mr. Canon K

I just love this sweet family! The last time we did their pictures the world hadn't yet seen Canon's cuteness as he was still in Bree's tummy.Here is one of those pictures!
This time around Canon was about to celebrate 6 months of being in this world!
I just couldn't resist this little grumpy face!



Chris and Tawnee

Oh my, I have been so excited to post Chris and Tawnee's big day for you guys!
This was a special wedding for me to get to photograph as I have known these two for quite a while. I can remember staying in cabins and talking about boys with Tawnee and long car rides teasing Chris about never having a girlfriend. Who would have ever thought that the person they were each looking for was right under their noses. I am so incredibly happy for Chris and Tawnee. The love and joy they have in each other is visible and beautiful to see!
The day started off with Tawnee getting dolled up to walk down the aisle.
All of the lovely and delicate details
It was time to get into the dress!
We were able to grab a couple photos of the beautiful bride in the house before it was time to take off!
Chris was just finishing up getting ready a the church as I got there to take his photos with his groomsmen!
After all the goofing around (or getting ready, whatever you want to call it) we went out to take their photos
After we were done, and the guys were hid away, we started on Tawnee and the bridesmaids portraits
Before the ceremony began guests were welcomed in, Tawnee read a letter that Chris had written for her and both bride and groom were prayed over.
It's finally time!
Tawnee looked stunning coming down the aisle and had nearly everyone in tears, including her mom
The bride and groom take a moment after the wedding to celebrate and also examine their new rings!
Next up is family and wedding party portraits!
 Now it was my time alone with Chris and Tawnee, a short drive on the highway and we were ready to start their pictures
Time to head back to the reception site for toasts, cake, a sweet first dance and the bouquet and garter toss!
The newlyweds were sent on their way with a sparkler exit!
Congratulations Chris and Tawnee!!!


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Ashley and Kameron

Earlier this year Ashley called to hire me to be the photographer for their wedding! I gladly said yes and we did their engagement pictures a few weeks later and they were married a couple months after that. I was so excited when Ashley and Kameron suggested we go to Pinecrest for their holiday pictures last month! They are very familiar with the foothills as they frequently go hunting there and knew of this adorable abandoned cabin to go to. I had so much fun getting to spend the day with them, despite getting attacked by angry yellow jackets! Their session summed up what I envision when I think of the holidays and I am so glad to be able to share their session with you guys :)

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Kennedy- Class of 2014


Kennedy- Class of 2014

Meet Kennedy!
I had the opportunity to take the beautiful Kennedy's senior pictures earlier this month. The lighting was just lovely and we even stayed out late enough to take a few night shots! Thanks for picking me to do your pictures! Have a great rest of your senior year :)
(Kennedys best friend, and one of my senior reps, Kylie jumped in for a few pictures!)