A B O U T • M E

Hello there thanks for stopping by! The heartbeat of Emily Jean Images is my love of people, fine art, and business. I constantly seek to produce exceptional, artistically minded, modern images, while making sure that you, my dear clients, are having fun and are ecstatic with the results!
I have always had a love for business and getting to know people. Growing up I lived in the house right down the street from a high school. Every day swarms of high schoolers would walk by my front door. Even then, as a little 11 year old, I saw this is a business opportunity. I spent all evening painting rocks, and when I was done with school, I would set up my little booth and watch the minutes tick by ’till 3:00 so I could sell them to the high school kids. Profitable? Not at all. Fun? Absolutely!
It was fun because I loved creating and sharing that creation with others. That’s why when I found photography, in high school, it was a perfect fit! I loved how I could have an idea, instantly make it happen, then jump right to the next idea. As time went on photography captivated my energy and imagination. So, I started forcing anything breathing around me in front of my little point and shoot: cousins, dogs, dragonflies…. Everything was fair game. After awhile, as my work progressed a bit, my friends began asking me to do their Senior pictures for them. Once again, the little entrepreneur in me saw an opportunity.
I was so taken with photography that I went to college and earned degrees in both photography and fine arts. I even won a few awards along the way! Today, I couldn’t be any happier with the marriage between art and business. I love what I do. I wake up in the mornings excited to start my day. I have been fortunate enough to work with the most incredible clients, meet so many fun and caring individuals, and, most importantly, spend every weekend photographing two people saying “I do” to forever.

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A B O U T • Y O U

You are totally in love with your best friend. You like to laugh together, and you can't imagine anyone else you would rather fly around the world or lay in bed in your PJs sipping your favorite wine with.  You are excited to party the night away with your friends and family on the day you say "I do" to forever! You love attention to detail and appreciate an organized plan. But once the planner is down, the vendors are hired and the wedding dress is on your biggest priority is enjoying your day and absorbing every moment. You want your memories captured in a way that will allow you to relive your day again and again. You dream of sitting with your grandkids flipping through your wedding album and telling them the funny story about where your earrings came from, how you accidentally said your vows wrong and everybody laughed, and how their grandpa cried the first time he saw their grandma in her dress. You want a wedding full of smiles, and you want a photographer who is going to capture all of them.