At Emily Jean Images we believe that your photos shouldn't stay in one place. Put them in an album, hang them on your walls, use them as the screensaver on your phone and WATCH them. Mike is our moving images genius and possibly the coolest member of our team. Mike will create for you a three-to-five minute highlight reel where you can relive the sunlight trickling through the window as you put your dress on, your mom crying as she watches you walk down the aisle, drone footage of the venue you spent days and weeks searching for and all of grandpa's "rad" dance moves.


Video coverage can be added on as the perfect compliment to any wedding package for $2,100. 

A La Carte options available.



Snack: pizza
Card game: apples to apples
Season: winter
Movie: back to the future (series)
Thing to sip on: any type of Coffee

Hey there! The name's Mike!. When I go into your wedding, I don't want to stand on the sidelines and just capture whats going on, but instead, I want to put myself in the middle of the action. Why? Because as the bride and groom, your day will go by so fast! You have been planning for months, and once it's over it is all going to feel like a dream.  The thing that set's video apart is seeing everything as it happens. I go into your wedding to capture the raw emotion thats going on. My goal is that in 10 years, when you watch the video, you feel the same emotions that you felt on your wedding day!