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I love my couples. They are the reason I get up everyday and work harder, broaden my creativity, continue learning and never stop reaching for the next star.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for shaping me into the photographer and person that I am and am still becoming.

                                San Francisco City Hall

                               San Francisco City Hall

Angela + Steven

Emily was exactly what I dreamed my photographer for my wedding would be... The energy she exudes made my husband and I feel so comfortable and at ease. (That is hard to do when working with someone like me with my anxiety lol) She made the experience a piece of cake and I couldn't imagine myself being so calm taking my wedding photos before I met Emily. She is definitely talented in her art and deserves the most recognition one can get. I loved her so much I asked her to be our witness! :) Thank you Emily, for making our day feel non-chaotic and perfect. You are literally a dream come true for me and I will most definitely come to you for any photography needs.


My wife had discovered Emily via Instragram and after perusing her professional website hired her for our February 2016 wedding.  When my wife mentioned her name to a coworker, that coworker revealed to us that she had hired Emily as a photographer for a separate event and told us that she was fantastic.

That coworker was correct - Emily was fantastic and absolutely captured the essence and loveliness of our wedding.

Emily is a wonderful photographer with an excellent eye for detail and capturing the moment.  For example, she made use of an old painting of a vase of flowers to accent wedding prep pictures of my wife.  She was able to capture all of the seriousness (staged of course), laughs, smiles, hugs, craziness that came with our wedding that we will look back on with absolutely joy for the rest of our lives.

In addition, she is extremely professional and friendly!  During the wedding planning process she was always quick to respond and stay in touch.  On wedding day she and her assistant (an add on for one of her photography packages) showed up early and were able to direct and organize what could be potential chaos for a photographer - bride and groom all over the place speaking with all different guests.  Emily was able to get us organized so she could take awesome pictures of us, our wedding party and guests.  She made us feel comfortable throughout the whole process.

As my wife put it, "She's fantastic!  I love the pictures she took!  And I love how she made it seem we had known each other for years!"



                            Wedgewood, San Francisco

                           Wedgewood, San Francisco

               Shakespeare Garden in Golden Gate Park

              Shakespeare Garden in Golden Gate Park


Emily is amazing! She had a friendly, bubbly personality, so talking to her feels like chatting with a close friend, yet she is very professional and reliable. She was extremely helpful with planning our schedule and working out every detail so there were no surprises the day of. She blended in to the crowd during important moments and was able to capture great candid shots. She and her second photographer had to cover a lot of ground on a tight schedule, (four venues in one day!) and handled it perfectly. We received hundreds of fully edited photos in a reasonable time frame and are so pleased with the quality and candid moments she captured

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